My Intentions For A Yearlong Travel

Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end.

I will be traveling for at least a year to explore, create, and commit to expanding my consciousness.

Adventure Awaits

I plan to be traveling for at least a year. I am not sure what this will look like. It feels scary and exciting given all the unknowns.

Who will I become after traveling/seeing/growing during my journey?

Will I grow distant and apart from my close friends and family?

Will I meet new friends and make new deep connections along the way?

What if I don’t meet anyone and end up lonely during my travels?

What are all the things I will be letting go of that I have identified with before?

These are just a few of the thoughts I have worked through. It has made me feel lost, overwhelmed, and sometimes paralyzed, not knowing where to even start.

Every time I feel lost, I visit my breath in stillness. Through meditation, I have stayed grounded and discovered more of myself.

I have always found it meaningful to set an intention/purpose for any journey I am on because it helps set the focus and direction for what’s to come and also allows flexibility for spontaneity. It also helps me gain some peace and clarity to allow for more space to be present and receive everything that the universe is giving me. It makes me feel divinely supported and open to flowing with life.

My Intentions

I set three intentions for my upcoming travels:

  • Explore (my inner and outer worlds with curiosity)
  • Create (through my deepest and fullest expression)
  • Commit (to my authenticity and purpose)

All three are focused on the self, which I purposely set so I am reclaiming my time and energy, and appreciating my peace and freedom. This will allow for most of my travel to revolve around reconnecting to my roots — my ancestral energy, my childlike curiosity, and my fundamental truths. Guided by mindfulness, these intentions will allow for deeper connection to spirituality, local culture, and introspection.

I encourage those on any type of life journey to take a moment of stillness to discover and set your intention to receive the most of whatever you’re striving for.

  1. Explore: Fuel my inspiration with exploration. Explore to learn and grow. Approach every destination with a childlike sense of awe and wonder (way of life, food, nature, perspectives, etc.) Be open to learning local cultures with gratitude, appreciation, and humility.
  2. Create: Learn to trust more and act on my intuition. Follow through on my desires to share my world and life experiences through various channels including: blogging (Medium), vlogging (YouTube), Podcasting (Spotify), and Stories/Reels (Instagram/TikTok) with the purpose to inspire and bring awareness to the power of living in one’s fullest expression.
  3. Commit: Embody conscious living to allow for space and time to discover and foster new relationships with aligned people. Nurture my mind, body, and spirit through reading/listening, physical activity, intentional diet, and meditation. Commit to my own inner world of healing, authenticity, vulnerability, and purpose.
There will always be an inner child inside of me that leads with curiosity and wonder.

I also decided to write down some practical and actionable things to hold myself accountable to my intentions. Each activity is designed to nurture some part of me — my heart, mind, body, and soul.

  • Deepen my practice of meditation: This includes breathwork (body), visualization (mind), and Buddhist mantras (soul). Breathwork will support me in finding stillness and balance. Visualization will support me in healing/letting go of the past and preparing for the future. Buddhist mantras will support me in connecting with my deepest and highest self, and the universe. I learned this from Think Like A Monk.
  • Commit to physical fitness: I will maintain my gym workout routine during my travels, while also exploring new physical activities to challenge myself (mind & body). I plan to learn yoga, boxing, qigong, and other forms of martial arts. I believe that through these practices, I will inherit deeper confidence, courage, compassion, integrity, tenacity, humility, kindness, respect, honor, and discipline.
  • Expand my cooking skills: This will be a challenging one for me. It’s a life skill I have been working on lately, but always fall into my natural and lazy habit of just ordering from DoorDash or UberEats. I am committed to being more consistent and conscious with what I am feeding my body by being more intentional with my nutrition and diet (body).
  • Create content and pursue passion projects: I will be journaling and capturing my adventures through photos and videos. My intention is to share my journey with my future self and also my close friends and family (heart). This will also allow me to explore and deepen a new skill — storytelling. Some passion projects I will be focusing on include a deeper understanding of the crypto, DeFi, NFT, and Web3 space.

Places To Explore

Many have asked me what I’m up to, how I will be planning my next venture, and where I will be traveling to. I usually answer “around Asia” or “around the world” because I honestly don’t have anything truly mapped out yet. I just know my “why”. While all are equally important, I think “why”” is more purposeful than the “what”, “how”, and “where”, as it’s the foundation and driving force of everything. I have a list of countries I intuitively feel called to that align with my intentions, but don’t have any itinerary or definitive plan.

As I am traveling, meeting new people, and embracing experiences, I will remain open to flowing with mindfulness and intuition while honoring my heart, mind, body, and soul.

Here is my tentative list of countries I will be visiting. I chose these countries purely because I feel called to them.

  • Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines (Jun 2022 — Sep 2022)
  • Hong Kong & Taiwan (Oct 2022 — Nov 2022)
  • Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia (Dec 2022 — Feb 2023)
  • Korea & Japan (Mar 2023 — May 2023)

If you are in the area and want to meet up, let me know!

Final Thoughts

You can wait for the mundane days to end, but life is fleeting. Either seize the moment or let it pass by unconsciously. I’m always amazed when I consciously seize the opportunities to live life to the fullest. For me, it takes some level of courage to live with more experiences (positive or negative) than regrets. When you are not preoccupied by the past or concerned about the future, life becomes more interesting in the present moment.

Remember, you only get one chance to write your epic life story.

So don’t throw it away because it is truly a blessing to make fulfilling decisions that feed your soul. I implore you to continue to fuel whatever it is that makes you feel alive.

More To Come

I will be writing another blog detailing the logistics I prepared for, which will include:

  • What I’m packing
  • Travel visas
  • International Driving Permit
  • Health & travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Cell phone/SIM cards
  • Finances/Budget




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