Why I Quit a $150k Job in Private Equity

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Corporate Hamster — someone (me) being busy all the time, but never achieving anything important or meaningful
I travelled a lot for work. It was fun at first, but eventually it slowly affected my wellbeing in multiple dimensions: emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.
  1. My mental and emotional wellbeing was declining
  2. The work I was doing lacked expression, purpose, and meaning
  3. I wanted to reclaim my time and refocus my energy

My wellbeing was impacted by workplace politics

I’ve worked in toxic workplaces where employees compete against each other and remove trust rather than encourage collaboration and co-creation.

I wasn’t living in my fullest expression

I spent years playing the corporate game and office politics while minimizing my own authenticity.

Money can’t buy happiness

I had to shift years of intentional and unintentional conditioning, and transform my relationship with money.

Final Thoughts

One of my favorite quotes and words of wisdom of all time. The real source of peace, love, and happiness is in your heart and nowhere else.

What’s next?




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Kerry Dang

inspired by the infinite — exploring my curiosity and sharing what i feel and learn along the way